Life Orientation (Grade 12)


The “Grade 12 Studying Life Orientation book” focuses on supporting Grade 12s to prepare for life after school.




Life Orientation is one of the core subjects for the FET phase, which means that every learner must do Life Orientation. It is important that learners experience the subject in a meaningful way, especially in the FET phase where they are making life and career choices. Life Orientation in the FET phase encourages learners to think critically about their personal development and about the world around them so that they become effective citizens in an increasingly changing world.

The Grade 12 Studying Life Orientation book focuses on supporting Grade 12s to prepare for life after school. It is CAPS compliant and all the required topics are covered in the Grade 12 book.

A distinctive feature of the Life Orientation series is: ‘Ethics for Life’. International educational trends show that introducing learners to ethics through research and debate supports the development of positive social, emotional, environmental and global values. Each grade has a section or task where the development of ethical living is encouraged through debate, reading, research, discussion and thought.



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