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The Body Shop is a high-profile global brand which markets naturally-inspired beauty products, focusing primarily on the middle to upper income groups. New Clicks manages The Body Shop under a franchise arrangement in South Africa. The naturally-inspired product positioning remains core to the brand with extensive use of community-traded ingredients sourced from local communities around the world.

Our business runs on passion, and our five values; Protect the Planet, Support Community Trade, Against Animal Testing, Defend Human Rights, Activate Self Esteem, govern all that we do, from reducing our carbon footprint to ordering our envelopes.

To us, there is no other way to work. After all, when you believe in what you do, you do it better.

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The Body Shop have successfully manufactured an image of being a caring company that is helping to protect the environment and indigenous peoples, and preventing the suffering of animals – whilst selling ‘natural’ products. But behind the green and cuddly image lies the reality – the Body Shop’s operations, have a detrimental effect on the environment and the world’s poor.

Natural products? – The Body Shop give the impression that their products are made from mostly natural ingredients. In fact they make wide use of non-renewable petrochemicals, synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives, and in many of their products they use only tiny amounts of botanical-based ingredients. Some experts have warned about the potential adverse effects on the skin of some of the synthetic ingredients. The Body Shop also regularly irradiate* certain products to try to kill microbes.

Helping animals? – Although the Body Shop maintain that they are against animal testing, they do not always make clear that many of the ingredients in their products have been tested on animals by other companies, causing much pain and suffering to those animals. They accept ingredients tested on animals before 1991, or those tested since then (if they were animal-tested for some purpose other than for cosmetics). There continue to be concerns about the enforcement of their policy. Also, some Body Shop items contain animal products such as gelatine (crushed bone).