What Is Batch.co.za?


Batch is a platform for promoting young South African design talent through a web based store that showcases their products. This provides them with opportunities to sell their products. The idea of batch.co.za is to simplify the sale and promotion of products, by giving young designers an easy way to connect with possible clients, media and potential employers by promoting their products and themselves on the batch website.

Why start batch.co.za?

We had products that we believed had potential, but soon realised that there was no outlet where these products could be sold.

This made us take note that other young designers faced the same problem. We became aware that there truly was a need for Batch.

How batch.co.za works?

Designer’s approach the owners, Kim and Fanie, with an existing or a potential product that they would like to sell. Kim and Fanie then meet with the prospective designer and discuss the viability of their product. Batch is also willing to help with the product development and the manufacturing of unrealised ideas.

Our goal is to highlight amazing young design talent!